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    Army Men: World War - Team Assault

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 03, 2001

    Another addition in the Army Men franchise.

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    Army Men: World War - Team Assault is an action game developed by 5000ft and published by The 3DO Company for the PlayStation.


    Army Men: World War - Team Assault is a third person shooter that has players taking control of six different green soldiers to take on the Tan Army. Players begin a mission by choosing two characters, each of which have their own special talents and stats. During the missions players can swap between characters on the fly.


    On Foot

    • D-Pad/Left Stick - Move character
    • Start - Pause game
    • X - Fire
    • Circle - Switch between characters
    • Triangle - Get in heavy machinery
    • Square - Cycle weapon
    • R1 - Change stance up
    • R2 - Change stance down
    • L1 - Sidestep
    • L2 - Roll


    • X - Fire
    • Square - Switch weapon
    • R1 - Right track forward
    • R2 - Right track back
    • L1 - Left track forward
    • L2 - Left track back


    • X - Fire
    • Circle - Hard turn
    • R1 - Climb
    • R2 - Dive
    • L1 - Look back

    Other Vehicles

    • X - Fire
    • Circle - Fast turn
    • R1 - Raise gun
    • R2 - Lower gun
    • L1 - Look back

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