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Belarus is a medium sized European nation bordered by The Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.  It is a landlocked nation.
The Official name of the nation is The Republic of Belarus. 
The nations capital is Minsk and it has a population of approximately 3 Million people.
Belarus used to be part of the United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and officially became its own nation in 1991. Although today, it is the nation that most closely resembles the old systems in place in the USSR.It still today holds many Soviet symbols and even has many statues of Vladimir Lenin placed around the nation. It has many of the same agricultural and political systems of many former communist nations. The economy is controlled by the government and has few major corporations.
Belarus has strong political relations with Russia. Most of its economy comes from Russia, and many of its politicians are trained in Russia. Russia also sells oil to Belarus extremely cheap. Belarus has low relations with the rest of Europe. It is often called Europe's last dictatorship by other European leaders. Belarus and Poland constantly dispute over territory claims.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, President Alexander Lukashenko has remained in power and won every single election to date. The presidential elections in Belarus often come under debate, some saying they are fixed others disputing this information.


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