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    Whirlwind is a unicorn/dragon hybrid that is a member of the Skylanders.

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    Whirlwind is a dragon with a peculiar lineage. Being part unicorn she was viewed unfavorably by her dragon peers, all of whom were jealous of her beauty. The unicorns were jealous of her as well, envious of her ability to fly.

    Despite both sides of her lineage turning their noses up at her, she stood to defend both dragon and unicorn when the troll invasion began. Using the powers she harnessed while hiding away in the storm clouds, she was the first to fight for both her peoples and continues to fight alongside her fellow Skylanders against the troll menace.

    Whirlwind was originally exclusive to Target stores but is now available to all retailers that carry Skylanders figures.


    • Air

    Power Stats

    • Strength - 65
    • Agility - 65
    • Defense - 30
    • Luck - 75

    Main Attacks

    • Rainbow of Doom
    • Tempest Cloud


    • Series 1 Whirlwind - The original version that was released with Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.
    • Series 2 Whirlwind - A second version that was released with Skylanders Giants.
      • Polar Whirlwind - A white color variant of the Series 2 Whirlwind.
    • Horn Blast Whirlwind - A Series 3 version that was released with Skylanders Swap Force.

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