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    Wild Arms 4

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 10, 2006

    An invading army attacks the isolated town of Ciel, and four young heroes team up to find out why.

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    Growing up in the isolated town Ciel, which floats in a large sphere thousands of feet above Filgaia's surface, Jude Maverick's life changes when the sky "tears" open and a ship enters his homeland. He inspects one of the intruders' campsites and sees something he's never seen before: a young girl. Her name is Yulie and she is being held captive after being captured by Arnaud G. Vasquez, a "Drifter" for hire. After the invading army attacks Ciel and brings the sphere crashing down to the world below, Jude, Yulie, and Arnaud join forces to unearth the army's true intention behind Yulie's abduction. With the help of another Drifter named Raquel, these four hopeful heroes travel the war-torn land of Filgaia in search of answers.


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