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William Taggart is one of the main characters in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is the founder and leader of the anti-augmentation organization Humanity Front. Prior to becoming the leader of Humanity Front he was a psychologist, his training and education allows him to easily read people and their emotions, evident when Adam attempts to discover the whereabouts of Isaias Sandoval, his second in command. William Taggart lost his wife, when she was trying to help an augmented person. 
As an outspoken enemy of augmentation, it comes as no surprise that for Sarif's hatred of him. It is latter revealed that Taggart is in fact an Illuminati, at the ending of the game he asks Jensen to broadcast a video that will explain the events at the Panchaea complex. His version of the events would tell the public that the massacre happened to the company negligence, this would allow for a tighter control of augmentations it would also allow the Illuminati to shape the world from behind the scenes.

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