World of Warcraft - help! raid and pvp noob

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Hi Guys, im just wondering if theres any1 willing to help me get better at pvp plus start raiding in wow ... ive never done a current raid.. whatever i do i cant seem to get my dps above 10K i must be doing something wrong!

i have an orc beast mastery hunter with a wolf pet, if theres any1 on the EU twisting nether realm can they plaese help me out ?

my charecters called Snowfelhake

thanks :)

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Can't really help personally since I'm on a different realm, but PvP-wise, you want to ideally get as much of the craftable PvP gear as possible (search bloodthirsty on AH). This is a good start, google your class and what you're supposed to be focusing on with stats. You should find out what gems go in which slot, and what enchants to get on each piece of gear. This will cost a lot of money. Expect to pay thousands for the gear and thousands for the enchants. If you want to skip some enchants, that's fine, buy what you can with the knowledge that your gear will be replaced.

After that, if you don't know how to play in a pvp setting, or what talents to put your points into, search google for that, too. You also want to get the ideal glyphs. Add 4.2 to the end of your google search to limit it to current information. Since your'e a hunter, certain pets give different bonuses. A wind serpent will give the target a debuff that makes them take more elemental damage. This is great for survival, as traps and explosive shot are elemental damage.

Pvp will become progressively easier, and more enjoyable as you get better gear. There isn't much rhyme to the order of gear to buy, but maybe buy the bow/crossbow/gun as early as possible, as that will increase your damage. You need 7500 total honor earned this season to buy a weapon. So spend the honor on other gear while you get to the cap, because the honor cap is only 4000.

I do not play my hunter ever, but this is what he looks like gear-wise, and he's about where you'll be after step 1:

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thanks a lot this actually helped me out quite a bit :). . . hopefully it wont take too long for me to get pvping... at the moment im oretty much 5 or six hits n dead! lol

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Actually the craftable stuff will hardly do you any good at all. You're in for a bit of honor grind before you can actually start having fun. Also simply don't pvp alone. You will find battlegrounds far more enjoyable if you're playing with a few friends. Especially if you have a nice setupt and 1-2 healers with you. Once your group get accustomed to each other it will become a horrible experience pretty fast, for the other site.

(Always played with 2-4 friends. At times with more, but then you would've to use AV enables. Yes please rage at me for not wanting to play with random people.)

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