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Xenon: Mugen no Shitai (ゼノン: 夢幻の肢体) is an eroge adventure game published by C's Ware for the NEC PC-98 and later other computer platforms. The game was written, designed, directed, and programmed by the late Hiroyuki Kanno with music composed by the late Ryu Umemoto.


The games stars a high school student named Koji who is working part-time at a medical center studying psychoanalysis. Recently he has been experiencing nightmares where he is aboard a realistic sci-fi space station. He describes his dreams to the teacher working at the medical center and she encourages him to try exploring the space station in his dreams so she can learn more about what is going on in his subconscious mind. Over time, Koji learns that his dreams are somehow connected to the real world as he investigates the space station and his high school.


Xenon is a simplified adventure game where the player makes choices that can lead the player to different story routes. The routes are called "DREAMS" and the player is forced to experience "DREAM 1" during their first playthrough. Afterwards, the player can obtain the other DREAMS and branch the story in different directions.

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  3. Interview with Ryuu Takami by Koji Fukuyama (Automaton, 01/24/2017).

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