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    Yang Fang Leiden

    Character » appears in 5 games

    Grandmaster of the monks of Fabul. Yang's body and mind alike have been tempered and honed through years of intense training.

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    The main party comes across Yang on top of a mountain fighting for his life against several enemies. Cecil, the leader of he party, decides to pitch in and help the man who is obviously struggling. Once the encounter is dealt with Yang explains that he was training with his monks, martial arts experts and the only guardians of the castle of Fabul. As well as leaving the castle, and his liege and the Wind Crystal, undefended he has managed to lose his entire party to the ambush. At this point Yang joins Cecil who is travelling to Fabul to warn them that the evil Golbez is coming to try and stop them taking the castles crystal for his own nefarious schemes. 
    The gang arrive in Fabul almost too late but get there just in time to get a defence together. When Golbez attacks Yang, Cecil and Prince Edward take on the entire attacking force head on. They hold their own pretty well against an entire army but still get pushed back to the crystal chamber. Unfortunately uncompromising manliness fails our heroes and Golbez manages to trounce the party and kidnap Rosa, who also happens to have a bit of a thing for Cecil. With the crystal Golbez decides to leave for some reason without killing the other party members and disappears. The guys, and a girl (Rydia, a summoner), get given a boat by the king of Fabul and Yang continues to shirk his duties as chief defender of the kingdom by swanning off with Cecil. 
    On their way to Baron however, Golbez's assumed base of operations and Cecil and Rosa's home, the boat is wrecked by a Leviathan. In the initial impact Rydia is thrown overboard and Yang leaps into the water to save her. Not only does he fail to save her he also gets amnesia and somehow winds up in Baron. Golbez sees his potential, brainwashes him, elevates him to a high position in his army and gives him a key to the secret entrance to the castle. Meanwhile Cecil washes up on the island Mysidia, he meets some mages, Palom and Porom, becomes a Paladin and teleports back to Baron. Wandering into the Inn he spots Yang drinking away and approaches him, Yang grabs a couple of Baron soldiers and attacks his former ally. Once Cecil attacks him right back he regains his senses though and joins his buddy again.  
    From here he rolls with Cecil into Baron castle, deposes the king, heads over to Troia to "borrow" their crystal so they can trade it for Rosa,  climbs the Tower of Zot and heads down into the underworld, he's a pretty kick ass dude.


    Attack: Strikes enemies with claws or fists
    Kick: Flying kicks every single enemy on the screen
    Brace: Boosts defence
    Focus: Boosts attack

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