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    Barbariccia is the Fiend of Wind, and one of Golbez's Four Fiends. She is the third Fiend Cecil must face. She lives in the Tower of Zot and is guarded by the Magus Sisters. She was named Valvalis in the original SNES English translation of Final Fantasy IV.

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    Barbariccia is one of the four fiends of the elements allied with Golbez in Final Fantasy IV. She is the Fiend of Wind, and is faced in the Tower of Zot after Cecil and his allies defeat the Magus Sisters and rescue Rosa. She also accuses Kain of betraying Golbez, though Kain knows that he was only following Golez's orders due to mind control. Before Cecil's party can escape the tower, they must first defeat Barbariccia in battle.

    As a defensive technique, Barbariccia can wrap her body in a whirlwind. The only way to force her to lower this defense is by disrupting it with Kain's Jump technique. Barbariccia is fought again in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and her tactics and weakness are largely the same.

    Name Change and Background

    In the original English localization of Final Fantasy IV, Barbariccia's name was changed to Valvalis, but later localizations use the more accurate romanization. "Barbariccia" is also the name of a demon that appears in the first part of The Divine Comedy, Inferno, as a guardian of the Malebolge in the Eighth Circle of Hell.


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