Zombie Hunter

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 03, 1987

    A fantasy action RPG developed for MSX and NES by Lenar and published by Hi-Score Media Work.

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    Developed by Lenar, the same developers behind the much derided Deadly Towers, Zombie Hunter is a straightforward action RPG. It was developed for MSX and NES and although it was never released outside of Japan there do exist English language fan translation patches.


    The player simply walks left to right, occasionally bumping into random encounters from set amounts of enemies. Defeating all the enemies grants the player a chest, which will often contain nothing but money and experience but occasionally also an item.

    Items need to be selected and used from the menu before the player character receives any benefit from them. They tend to fall into two categories: Consumables and equipment. Consumables disappear after being used, often recovering the player character's hit points in the process. Equipment, when used, are taken to a separate area of the screen to indicate that they are currently being worn. They tend to imbue additional benefits such as added attack damage and protection. After gaining enough experience, the player character will go up a level and achieve additional stats in that manner as well.

    Occasionally the game will allow the player to select one of two paths, each leading to a different set of areas and enemies. This is the only instance where the game allows the player to take a course other than simply moving towards the right.


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