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The 3 Ninjas

The 3 ninjas are brothers who all learned to be ninjas from their grandpa who is also a ninja. Even though he is like a hundred years old he can still beat up any other ninja on the planet, and that's why the 3 ninja became such awesome ninjas at such a young age.


Rocky is the oldest brother of the 3 ninjas. He is the wisest, and most intelligent out of the three. If they ever get in trouble, Rocky always has a plan. He can also think really well on his feet and has no trouble making quick decisions. His mind may be his greatest weapon He may only be a young teenager, but he can easily out think even the smartest evil ninja.
I'm Rocky, I'm smarter then you


Colt is the middle brother of the family. He is the most emotional and has the shortest temper out of the 3 ninjas. He's liable to fly off the chain by something as simple as getting fouled in a basketball game. He may not always think things through, but because of his passion to beat up evil ninjas colt provides the most motivation for the other two. He inspires them when it seems like all hope is lost. He also doesn't mind throwing awesome one liners at ninjas that he has defeated, for example, "hey, you're pretty good... NOT!"
Don't make me beat you up

Tum Tum

Now little Tum Tum here may be the youngest brother and just a little guy, but don't count him out just yet. His size is actually a big advantage to the 3 ninjas. He may not be very effective on his own, but when he teams up with one of his big brothers he turn into quite the little fighting machine. Because he is small he can fit into small spaces and be used to ambush evil ninjas. He also loves to eat anything. You could roll a moldy hot dog in dirt and Tum Tum would still eat it. There is only one thing Tum Tum has said he doesn't like to eat, dog poop.
I'm hungry!

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