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NHL Arcade really got me. I mean, they GOT ME. I downloaded the trial, loved it in the first 5 minutes and thought "Hey, why not give this a try?". In the end, the game ends up being a hollow experience due to poor controls and poor scoring - creating a lot of frustration. Players don't shoot when passed to, checking is non-consistent, and powerups rarely turn into real goals scored, making  them more of a novelty than a gameplay feature.

Graphics: 4/5 - Pretty good, given it's a $10 game
Gameplay: 2/5 (singleplayer) 3/5 (multiplayer)
Sound: 3/5 - Funny at first, but annoying and repetitive after 10 games
Value/Replayability: 2/5 - The game really begins to get frustrating when the controls continue to be an issue

Well, EA got my $10 in the end. The intention behind the game is solid: A Mario-Kart style sports game. It's just too bad that the controls are awful.


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