This game is great.

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If anyone was having any thoughts about buying this game, it's great. It's a more simplistic and streamlined dwarf fortress with a awesome career mode as well as the randomly generated maps as you would expect.

Tons of fun.

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I played it and thought it was okay, but it just isn't my kind of game. I am not bashing it for it, but a more simplistic and streamlined Dwarf Fortress is not what I am interested in. So fine game, just not my bag.

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i bet it has doors

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Could you explain what makes it great? I've heard people say it a great game but I still don't really get what you're doing in it and why it's getting the love.

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The real question is: "Does it have up stairs, down stairs, AND up/down stairs?"

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No one else has these thoughts.

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It's as if Dwarf Fortress didn't hate you.

And has 3D graphics.

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I want it, can you build HUGE fortresses? I want something relaxed to just build stuff. 

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It is very similar to Dungeon Keeper right now and shares some assets with DF, but I can safely say that Paradox will support the hell out of this game and add tons of stuff to possibly make it more Dwarf Fortressy. Either way, lots of fun (for me anyway) to play.

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I'm happy to give this a try if it's someone taking the Dungeon Keeper game style & putting that to something new. The one Dungeons game came out recent which looked like the DK style of games but it was rather a mess when I played it where you & not your minions were having to do all the work. Been waiting on Game of Dwarves to pop up on steam to grab it as it looks like what I'd enjoy playing.

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I'd say it's so simplistic that it shouldn't be compared to DF. Definitely more like Dungeon Keeper. Good game though.

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