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Abigail is the only witch living on the Outskirts of Vizima. Most of the villagers hate and fear her, but at the same time they rely on her for a variety of potions and poisons.

Meeting Abigail

Geralt meets Abigail during Chapter I, when she takes Alvin into her home; a young boy whom Geralt saved from a barghest attack. The shock of the barghest attack that killed his mother awakened powers he can't control, but Abigail facilitates a trance in which the boy reveals more about the demons that plague the village. The villagers, however, believe that she is responsible behind the summoning of the beast and its minions.

Over the course of the first chapter, the villagers become increasingly hostile towards Abigail, largely fueled by the Reverend's claim that she had uttered the curse of the Hellhound. It is up to the player to decide whether to save her or let the mob do as they please.

If the player chooses not to interfere, Abigail will reveal herself to be a member of the Cult of the Lionhead Spider. She curses Geralt in the name of Coram Agh Ter. If the player does choose to save her, Abigail will leave the Outskirts for good, but Geralt will meet her again the the village of Murky Waters.


Geralt can trade quite a few items from Abigail.

  • Specter oil recipe.
  • A variety of herbs.
  • Some minerals.
    Phosphorus in particular.
  • Bomb making ingredients.
  • Several books:
    The book of animals; Barghests; Field Plants; Swamp Monsters
  • An anti-drowner talisman.
  • Barghest skulls.
  • Wolf pelts.
  • Basilisk hides.
  • Fleder fangs.

Other notes

  • If Abigail dies, a vial of Specter Oil can be looted from her corpse.
  • If Abigail lives, she will be the healer in Chapter IV.
  • The Heat of the Day quest plays out differently depending on whether she lives or dies.
  • The player can choose to have sex with her, and gets a sex card in doing so.
  • She has Berengar's notes on the Beast.
  • It's possible that she influenced the merchant to kill his brother as she has a suspicious doll of his likeness in her hut.

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