exists's Ace Combat 6 ACE-EDGE Flightstick Bundle (Xbox 360) review

Outstanding visuals but for a flight sim fan lacks realism

What was GIANT
- Presentation > Looks amazing, one of the best looking games on the 360 for sure. Fireworks really neat addition.

- Planes > Very good selection of the best planes around and they look great too. The only thing here is they don't feel that different when flying them except maybe for the A-10 and F-117 which are noticeably slower.

- Atmosphere > Except for the weak lame story, when in flight the communications and overall action is quite entertaining.

- Gameplay > Although not realistic, it's easy to pick up and play and the control scheme makes sense however It does lack depth.

What BOMBed
- Realism > Unlimited weapons, no chaff/flare, enemies have some planes that make impossible aerodynamic flight paths. You can outrun missiles which is nuts. Crazy flying aircraft carrier, UFO drones, crazy big-bertha mega-gun !

- Mission Chaos > Thousands of enemies, hundreds of planes and unclear mission objectives. Out of nowhere, part of the mission fails. Missiles from a thousand directions so the missile alert is on 90% of the time.

- Story > Quite possibly the worst story in a while with pathetic lines and hearing "flying like angels" 10,000 times. Needs total overhaul. Again, add some realism to it, the planes you're given are real so why not make it all tie together.

- Online > Tried battle match and it was similar to an FPS in a single small sized room, imagine that, you shoot someone or you're down in less than a second.

- Font > What's with Japanese games and Times New Roman?!


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    Alright, let's get this out of the way. 15 planes was a really dumb idea. Particularly the 15 planes they chose...eek! But it could be worse. I could be reviewing Blazing Angels again.So here's the skinny: ace combat has come to 360, and it's right at home here. The game is very nearly "Gears of War" gorgeous. It's so pretty I might ask it out on a date...I might (I'm a little shy). No more Osea and Belka, this is a new continent with a fresh, although often times laborious, storyline. The massi...

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