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Outshines GTAIV! 0

Tweet: Outshines GTAIV with it's gorgeous and free-flowing environments, simply stunning! Recommendation: BUY @ $60 (full price) Pros: . As usual with Rockstar, Story and characters are second to none, shocking ending . A living breathing world that pulls you in, very immersive . Top notch voice acting . Lots to do, you could be 15-20 hours in and still have something you haven't done yet . Improved gameplay mechanics over GTA . Mini-Games are very entertaining, played Poker for at least an hour...

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Disappointing Single Player saved by Deniable Ops 0

Tweet: Deniable Ops and CO-OP shine whereas Single Player is a huge disappointment!!! Recommendation: BUY @ $30 (discounted) Pros: . Deniable Ops makes up for Single Player . CO-OP a good addition . Still in some ways a unique experience . Michael Ironside voicing Sam Cons: . Destroyed unique gameplay that is key to the series . Missions that force you to run and gun . Cheap gimmicks that ruin the game such as Mark & Execute . Weak story with poor mission design . Iraq mission?! OMG . Sales ...

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It's VP 1.5 but still very enjoyable, highly recommended. 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Unique game that's a good break from shooters/action/driving games- Amazing depth, it's no kiddie game that most people think it is- Local Co-op is a plus as well as play for fun mode especially when playing with your kids- Controls are well done and make sense, there should be a way to modify sensitivity/speed- Graphics are quite good and pinatas can be hilarious when ...

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Masterpiece!!! My right thumb hurts... 0

If you're not ready to put the time and effort into this game, prepare for self-inflicted Obliteration very early on ;) even on the so-called Easy/Acolyte difficulty but if you do spend the time then it pays off big time! It's even better than Ninja Gaiden Black!Arguably one of the Top 10 games ever created! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Gameplay > Very unique and challenging, takes a while to ge...

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"All it's cracked up to be" 0

The story, dialogue and scope are amazing and deserve a 10 but the controls/visuals are quite average and loading.......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Dialogue/Story > No other game comes close, it's like watching the Sopranos all over again. Brilliant! Second to none.- Scale > No loading times when you're driving which explains why visuals are average.- Taxi > I don't think I could repeat m...

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A great COD2 expansion pack plus some cool new features 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gameplay > The great gameplay mechanics of COD2 are at work here again. Great sense of weapon control and well designed controls make the game shine.Presentation > Better environments than COD2 and some pretty impressive smoke effects as well as sound effects. You're living it, great cinematic experience!Vehicles > Some p...

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Top notch AI and addictive Multiplayer! 0

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What was GIANT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AI > I started the game on Extreme since I tend to start games such as Call of Duty 2 and COD 3 on Veteran, and I quickly reverted back to medium d...

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The Vertical element has added a whole new dimension! 0

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What was GIANT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jumping & Climbing > Never been so fun to climb up all these buildings and then jump around! Really innovative and fun to do, pretty much the m...

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More like Forza 1.5 but still great. Wireless Wheel is a must! 0

Played the game with the following settings >- Manual- All Assists OFF- Full Simulation mode - AI Medium- At Level 47 when review was written~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Gameplay > It's a great racing sim and that's enough for me!- Wireless Wheel > is a must-have. I tried playing with the default gamepad, i got bored after a single race and it's so for...

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Another 360 hit but it's over so fast. 0

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What was GIANT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>- Environment > The overall context of the game and the basic idea of being underwater is a very fresh idea that wo...

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Breathtaking! The presentation is incredible but gameplay is ok. 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Presentation > Looks absolutely amazing! The old cities look outstanding. Goodbye Gears and COD4, the new graphics champion is here!- Climbing/Jumping > Really well done as far as animation goes (average control scheme), the views up top are breathtaking.- Crowds > Walking through the crowd is revolutionary, has some issues with incorrect animations showing up but overall it's a g...

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A great RPG but with an average combat mechanism 0

Note: Read prequel book (Mass Effect: Revelations) by Drew Karpyshyn and enjoyed it, a good read. You might want to get it to have a good understanding of the ME Universe, species and key characters. That, in turn, got me to buying Drew's other books, Star Wars: Darth Bane which is one great book and I just got the newly published Darth Bane: Rule of Two, he's got me hooked. Where are you KOTOR 3 and please no MMO!!! Back to Mass Effect...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

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Still one of a kind, but little improvement on first game. 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Unique > This game plays like...hmmm...the first game and it still works well. It's really odd that no one has followed the visceral, heart-pounding emotional experience that it has.- Melee fighting > No one does it better but there should have been some extra training for the more complex combos.- New enemies > The one in the lodge was pretty cool, nuff said.- Investigation > ...

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Outstanding visuals but for a flight sim fan lacks realism 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Presentation > Looks amazing, one of the best looking games on the 360 for sure. Fireworks really neat addition.- Planes > Very good selection of the best planes around and they look great too. The only thing here is they don't feel that different when flying them except maybe for the A-10 and F-117 which are noticeably slower.- Atmosphere > Except for the weak lame story, when in...

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It's RB6:Vegas 1.5 but it's still a great game! 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[The Good]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Realistic mode > It can be a pain sometimes but it's the way to do it, also extends the single player significantly, start the game on Realistic the first time around.- Solo mission > A la Splinter Cell, there's a great mission that should not be missed and should only be played on Realistic, it can be a pain but worth it for Sam fans.- Leveling > Leveling up in Single player mode is ...

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