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The "gaming media" oversold the PS4 since they always felt bad how Microsoft came out of nowhere and dominated the previous gen, MS was also over-confident with the One which hurt them a bit. Both systems are incredibly similar except for a few exceptions. By far, the most significant exception is Titanfall so guess what? You picked right!

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EDIT: Chill out folks, so many haters... ;-) I like both companies & games & Canada too, spent 100+ hrs on DA/DA2 + all the DLC and 250+ hrs on Skyrim + all the DLC...

RELAX ppl....take a deep breath before going COD on this post...

Just watched the DA:Inquisitions trailer and this reminded me of the following discussion between Bioware & Bethesda employees...

[Somewhere in Canada]

Bioware A: Everyone loves Dragons, let's create a new game and let’s call it Dragon Age

Bioware B: I love it! We have this 10 yr old graphics engine that we never really used, it’s just sitting there

Bioware A: Brilliant, should take a few weeks

Bioware B: I have an even better idea, let’s not put any dragons in it! How about a purple lizard instead?!

Bioware A: Man, you’re a genius! Oh wait, let’s ship the second game before the first, wouldn’t that be nuts?

Bioware B: Ok, we’ll just rename the second one with DA1 and the first DA2, sounds good?

Bioware A: Both shipped baby!!!

[Somewhere in Maryland, not far from where I live]

Bethesda A: Ok, one more of these Scrolls games, do we have anything else?

Bethesda B: Nope, we’re out of original game ideas except for that Dishonorable, wth is it called already?!

Bethesda A: So a bunch of cities, trees, lakes & what else can we add to this one…hmmm….

Bethesda B: can’t think of anything….isn’t that enough?

Bethesda A: It should be enough for those nutjobs spending 100s of hours doing the same thing all over and over again, crazy ppl

Bethesda B: Oh wait, let’s add some birds too

Bethesda A: You mean sparrows?

Bethesda B: Nah, vulturs or eagles maybe

Bethesda A: Something bigger, they’ll be hard to shoot down, can’t you see how gamers suck at bows?

Bethesda B: ok, it’s sort of medieval times, let’s put some freakin dragons in it baby!

Bethesda A: You mean purple lizards?!

Bethesda B: Naaah the real deal, we’re not in Canada here! Think American muscle version of a purple dragon!

Bethesda A: I like it, we’ll call it Skyrim with no mention of dragons to add insult to injury

Bethesda B: That’s what I’m talking about... Speech +10 Happiness + 20 Armor + 2 Ownage + 50

Bioware A, Bioware B, Bioware C…..Bioware Z999 : ..........................speechless with arrow(s) in several knee(s) & multiple other locations CENSORED….

In short, to Bioware, hope you learned your lesson & you better deliver with DA this time…………B*!!!

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Played every single one (consoles), Black Flag on XOne was great... I wish this series dropped all the Sci-Fi BS and just gave us historical characters to play with without changing history too much. It always feels like the story & combat/gameplay is not up to the level of the incredible work spent on building the world & historical cities. With Black Flag, the naval gameplay was awesome and very rewarding, wish I could dive anywhere which would be nuts...

What the series needs is a much stronger story & refining the gameplay, this should almost be a stealth-first game since you're an assassin + the fighting mechanism is really outdated & not very well executed.

iPhone Companion app for Black Flag was a great plus, needs more features that tie into the game such as character upgrades etc. very promising.

My 2 cents

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Massa is wearing a helmet for Schumi in Australia = i'm voting for him!

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Finally a next-gen game... (hopefully)

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Holy cow is that a way to wrap up an interview. Jeez.


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Nothing really exciting, too many sequels, thoughts?

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Yay, so the next Assassin's is going to suck just like AC3 :-(

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I never went to Giant Bomb to read news but mostly watch the great Videos and the bombcast. Now with this column it's starting to change, thanks for the cool info and great links! Great to read and get an in depth view of the gaming world.

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Also does anyone notice that you don't really see much if any excitement from Jeff, it feels like he was forced into this situation and wants to make it look ok... my 0.02