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Adrienne Delaney is an author and the protagonist of Roberta WIlliams' Phantasmagoria. She is portrayed by actress Victoria Morsell. At the start of the game, she moves into an old, palatial estate with her husband, Donald Gordon. While exploring the mansion, she finds a secret chamber sealed behind a fireplace and inadvertently unleashes an evil spirit that had been trapped inside a book. Unbeknownst to her at first, the demon takes possession of Don, whose personality shifts from kind and loving to crazed and abusive. Over the course of the game, she investigates the history behind her new home in order to figure out what's wrong and how she can restore things to normal.

In the end, Adrienne is able to seal the demon back inside the book, but not before she loses Don, who is killed by a deathtrap as he prepares to kill her with it himself. With the demon contained, she leaves the mansion in a daze. What happens to her after this point is not revealed.

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