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Afro's Arch-Nemesis Justice
 Afro's story begins like all humans as a young child. His father, being the owner of the Number 1 headband, was challenged to a fight to the death by the owner of the Number 2 headband, Justice. This fight ended poorly for Afro's father as his life was ended with a brutal decapitation

Justice, being a wise and worthy fighter, understands the effect this will have on Afro and entices Afro to challenge him when he is ready.  This early support of  revenge in Afro's life causes him to believe that revenge and honoring his father is a legitimate life goal. As Afro begins his journey holding the Number 2 headband in his hands, he decides it is his destiny to avenge his father and kill Justice.   
 Sword Master

After losing the headband at a very young age and coming close to death being jumped by some bandits, Afro is taken in by the Sword Master who runs a local dojo/school where Orphans are trained as Samurai and taught values and the concept of Family. From here Afro continues his journey to avenge his father's death and become the Number 1 fighter in the world.

The Headbands

 According to the legend of the headbands, they were created by the Gods.  A sign of your rank as a fighter in the world.  As an owner of the Number 1 headband, you are considered a God, Untouchable.  Almost.  The only exception is to be challenged by the owner of the Number 2.  The only problem with that is, the Number 2 can be challenged by anyone.  Therefore, the Number 2 is challenged by many fighters just on his quest to become the Number 1.  

Ninja Ninja

 Ninja Ninja
At a certain turning point in the story, the character Ninja Ninja is introduced to Afro. Ninja Ninja, being a major character in the story, is Afro's main companion. He gives advice to Afro that is usually not accepted and acts as the complete Yin to Afro's Yang. He also plays a minigame with Afro called Ninja Ninja's body part poker during certain points in the campaign. 




 Cover of volume one of the Afro Samurai graphic novel
Afro Samurai has a graphic novel, as well as two mini-series, the original is known is Afro Samurai, and he second film/miniseries is called Afro Samurai: Resurrection.  Also, Afro Samurai, the video game was released on January 27th, 2009. He is usually seen equipped with his father's sword, an Afro, and a Joint. ( Marijuana)

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