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Before his death, Fomorous Hugues told the Fateless One, (who is Hugues' first subject to be successfully reborn from the Well of Souls) to seek out the fateweaver Agarth. As a Fateweaver, Agarth has the ability to look into "the Pattern" to determine the future of a person, with impressive accuracy. When previously asked by Hugues whether or not the Well of Souls would ever successfully bring someone back from the dead, Agarth predicted that it would indeed work - but that Hugues would die on the same day that the first lost soul was reborn. After this came to pass, he looked into the Pattern to determine the Fateless One's destiny, and discovers nothing - as someone who has returned from death, the Fateless One has no destiny and can determine his or her own fate, their own role in the Pattern, and, even more importantly, change the destinies of other people, saving innocents who were fated to die or slaying villains who were destined to get away with their evil deeds.

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