Anyone with knowledge of CAVE shooters know whats up with this?

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So, Amazon recommended this to me didn't even know this was coming out but did buy and enjoy Deathsmiles just wondering if this is worth a potential buy. I'm not deep down the rabbit hole of Bullet Hell shooters though so my knowledge is limited. Anyone with more knowledge on this give me a heads up?

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@Demoskinos: There's a demo on Japanese Xbox Live if you want to try the game out. Has the first two stages from Shin mode, and I for one had a lot of fun with it. I wasn't that impressed at first but once I started scoring it was an absolute blast (I recommend watching some Shin scoring videos and reading an explanation of the system if you're going to play the demo). It's quite different from Deathsmiles -- all of Cave's bullet hell shooters are quite different from each other, contrary to popular belief -- but obviously does scratch a lot of the same itches.

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