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Alan Scott's power source and costume differ from the many other characters that bare the name "Green Lantern". Instead of being given a ring by the Guardians of the Universe, Scott's ring was forged from the Starheart, which was an entity that the Guardians had sealed away. Instead of being innately weak to the color yellow like the other Green Lanterns, Alan's powers are weak to wood.

Alan Scott has two children, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, aka Jade, who was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. sometimes, herself, and Todd Rice, who became the anti-hero Obsidian.

Following DC's "New 52" reboot, the Earth 2 version of Alan has a completely different origin. He is instead connected to "The Green", much like Swamp Thing. He is also gay in this continuity (instead of Todd, who doesn't exist because this Alan is far too young), a fact that was offensively played up by DC as a marketing gimmick, but was thankfully not dwelled upon by the writer of the comic. This plays into his origin slightly, as his ring is forged from the engagement ring of his now-dead lover.

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