Bring your motion tracker for Spring 2012

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Just tweeted 
I am so excited. I hope we can finely get a decent Alien(s) game now. Maybe even get some cameos from people in the movies. Anyone else hyped?  
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what's a Decent Alien ? 
edit: you fixed it, good on you ;)   
Ontopic - Yeah i've been looking forward to a good Alien game for a few years now. Gearbox won't disappoint !

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
what's a Decent Alien ?  edit: you fixed it, good on you ;)   Ontopic - Yeah i've been looking forward to a good Alien game for a few years now. Gearbox won't disappoint !
Since you fixed yours cause i fixed mine ill fix this.  
Im very excited. The only bad thing is that we have to wait for it. 
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Sounds awesome! Hopefully Gearbox does it right and gives the Alien franchise/concept it's due justice.  So much to work with in terms of canon for a videogame experience.   
BTW, does this mean Borderlands 2 is even further away, or has Gearbox gotten big enough to dev two games at once?  I guess they have been w/DNF and this game, but Gearbox has been more overseeing DNF right?
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So hyped. I've had sixty dollars down on this game since June of 08. Call me stupid, but the prospect of one of the best FPS devs in the industry adapting my favorite movie of all time in to a 4 player co-op FPS could not possibly make me more excited. I also really appreciate that Gearbox is not hesitating to just fuck everything that happened in Alien 3.
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Playing the multiplayer demo for AvP was a real love/hate thing.
I loved how my heart would race playing as a Marine walking around  seeing a white dot on my tracker get closer and closer and the distinct ping became faster and faster and I hated that it reminded me that I didn't know when or even if Colonial Marines would come out.

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