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I just wanted to shoot some Aliens and that's what I got. That being said there are better avenues for that. 0

The RadLots of good Aliens fan service.Handles decently enough.Co-op is fun!The BadNot a memorable character in the bunch.Aliens aren’t as threatening as they should be.Unevenly polished.Utterly crap competitive multiplayer offering.Hella short.I profess to not being a huge fan of the Alien franchise though that is born largely out of ignorance to it than any particular aversion. I saw and liked the first two movies. Didn’t see the other two. Saw Prometheus.And the Aliens versus Predator movies,...

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Aliens Colonial Marines Review: Bug Hunt 0

The Alien franchise and name are venerable, having been the inspiration for numerous other series and concepts throughout the years. Unfortunately it has been a very long time since this grand-sire of science fiction got a quality game of its own, with the most recent Aliens vs Predator in 2010 just falling below expectations and what it should have been. Now Gearbox ha released Aliens Colonial Marines, and have been talking a good game with their passion and respect for the franchise, and earl...

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"Oorah to ashes" 0

After years of growth in its black cocoon, Aliens: Colonial Marines has been pushed out into store shelves. I would like to preface this review by saying that the only Aliens related film I have ever watched is Prometheus. I am purely judging this game on how good of a game it is, not on how well it treats the universe's characters and events. A game that was originally as a Republic Commando-style game set in the Aliens universe, ended up just another mediocre shooter.Colonial Marines is a firs...

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This Game Should Have Been Left Behind. 0

Coming into this game it's difficult to look past the hype that was generated. Difficult to ignore the subpar trailers and videos that litter the internet before release. Luckily for me I did a fine job forgetting this game even existed until a few weeks leading into the release. There isn't much to say besides the years of development are over, and it certainly has...released? For lack of a better word because it feels as if this game should have been released five years ago.See this? Get used ...

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An awfully banal corridor shooter that probably only exists because it carries the Aliens name 0

Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a long time coming. After suffering through development hell for a number of years and eventually cancellation, Gearbox Software leaped into action and took the reins to finally see this troubled product through to completion. A few years and numerous delays later it’s finally available to play, aping the similar path Duke Nukem: Forever took to release. Unfortunately, however, the similarities between the two games don’t end there; the lengthy development culmi...

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Never felt like I wasted money as bad as I did on this abomination 0

I am a huge fan of Aliens, I was pumped for this game before release and ready to play it with a few of my friends in co-op. After watching the "live demo" it looked great. Come to find out the Live demo was fake as hell and nothing and I mean nothing they showed off in that demo was in the game. I tried to trudge through before I just couldn't do it to myself anymore. I tried to like it so hard but could not.The story and set up is weak, the graphics are terrible and the AI is just pants on hea...

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Aliens:CM looks how you feel 0

OverviewWithout going into too much detail regarding story as anyone reading this MUST - I repeat - MUST be an Aliens fan, I will keep it relatively brief. The game takes place after the catastrophic events of "Aliens" (James Cameron) and is considered the true sequel to the much loved 1986 action movie. The game puts you in the acid boots of United States Colonial Marine named Cpl. Christopher Winter, the game's seldom silent protagonist. Winter is part of a USCM rescue team sent to investigate...

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Let's nuke Gearbox from orbit 0

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, told us all that he loves Aliens. He has repeatedly spoken about the time he sat down with Ridley Scott and talked about the franchise, and he insists that Aliens: Colonial Marines is canon. Pitchford wouldn’t lie to us… Aliens: Colonial Marines wouldn’t let us down and neither would Gearbox Software… Right? Aliens: Colonial Marines does show an eye for detail. From Bishop’s dismembered legs to Newt’s doll, to the big guy from Prometheus, it was all ther...

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I was ready to gestate that facehugger, what what burst forth from my chest was only dissapointment. 0

The main Giantbomb review by Navarro is pretty much bang on so I'll keep this short and toward my own focus. I'm someone who is usually willing to trudge through less than great FPS just to see the end. I'm the guy who played and actually enjoyed (kind of) such gaming masterpieces as Duke Nukem Forever and W40K Fire Warrior. I did not finish this game. I tried, I really did; I got right up to the ubiquitous showdown-with-the-Queen end boss fight when the Queen clipped through a wall and got s...

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Its a Bug Hunt and Happy to Disappoint You 0

Alien fans should steer clear of this. In fact, so should everyone else. I knew this fact going in and yet I played through the entire game anyway. Why? Because I am a crazy Alien/Aliens fan and I was hoping that just going through the Aliens world would be worth something, anything. And it was I suppose. But at the same time it made me think about how easy it must be for game development to go horribly wrong. Even when you have all the assets, story, and great sounds of the Aliens universe, thi...

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Like the movie... 0

SINGLEPLAYERI just got the special edition yesterday because Best Buy got me the 360 version instead of the ps3, and have been playing it for several hours on coop with my friend. The game is a little confusing at first. Aliens blend in with the environment, guns are horribly inaccurate, and objectives are confusing. What makes the game even more hectic is upgrading weapons. When you start its difficult to customize weapons and there is no indication in the beginning letting you know you can ev...

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