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Alpha Mission II was one of the early games in the Neo-Geo Library. It was released on the Neo-Geo console in 1991. The game is a vertical shooter set in outer space. The objective is to complete the stage by destroying the enemies on screen and defeat the boss at the end of each stage.


Alpha Mission II has the typical shooting gameplay found in most vertical shooters. The weapons and powers ups in the game is what separate it from most other shooters. Your ship has two ways of firing weapons. Laser fire destroys flying enemies and missiles fire destroys land based enemies.  You can collect power ups to increase the power of fire, and you can collect speed power ups to make you ship faster. These are the only power ups however. In most shooters, ships have special power bombs that destroys everything on screen. Alpha Mission II takes a different approach. Instead of a super bomb, you collect three parts of a weapon that connects to your ship. If you collect all three parts, then you can choose the super weapon in the side menu during gameplay. The super weapons each have a meter while in use. Once the meter is empty the weapon is no longer useful. You can also buy these super weapons after each stage. You do this by spending gold or G as it's called in the game. You can collect G during gameplay. You can also get a G bonus after every stage completed. You have a ten second time limit to purchase a super weapon before the next stage begins. The game has 6 levels of shooting action.

Super Power Ups


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