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Ameno-Sagiri just moments before the battle commences.

Also known as Ame-no-sagiri-no-kami, Ameno Sagiri is the Japanese god of fog. He was created as part of the Kamiumi, an account of the birth of the Shinto gods, in its earlier phase prior to the death of Izanami by Kagutsuchi. He is technically a grandson of Izanagi and Izanami, his parents being the god Ohoyamatsumi, god of mountains, and the goddess Kaya-no-hime. Ohoyamatsumi is also the father of Konohana Sakuya. Ame-no-sagiri's brother is Kuni-no-sagiri. Ame-no-sagiri's and Kuni-no-sagiri's names are also connected to the antecedent mist god Ameyuzuruhi-amenosagiri-kuniyuzuruhi-kuninosagiri-no-mikoto.

Persona 4

In Persona 4 , Ameno-Sagiri wishes to bring humans what they "truly desired" by covering the world in a thick fog and converting all humans into Shadows, rendering them oblivious to their surroundings. Ameno-Sagiri created Magatsu-Inaba and awaited the heroes at the end of the dungeon to give them a chance to fight for the fate of mankind; however, Ameno-Sagiri lost to the party, unable to see what strength they could actually bring forward. Proceeding his loss, Ameno-Sagiri removed the fog which covered Inaba and left to watch mankind from behind the scenes.


Ameno-Sagiri has an Exclusive skill called Fog of Confusion which makes it impossible to hit him. His other skills include: Agneyastra, Nebula Occulus, Quake, Gods Judgement, Megidola, Mind Charge, Foolish Whisper, Sukukaja, Tarukaja, Dekaja, and Dekunda

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