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Anchor 9 functioned as an orbital dockyard in service of the UNSC Navy, providing fast modification, refuelling, and repairs for space-fairing vessels, an important service during the Battle of Reach. While its gun defences were offline during the battle, it came under attack from Covenant ships, prompting the UNSC to launch a number of Sabre-class ships to defend it as part of OPERATION: UPPERCUT. In the Halo: Reach campaign the player takes on the role of SPARTAN-312 as they and Jorge-052 use a Sabre to successfully destroy the enemy forces.


In multiplayer Anchor 9 is a small-sized assymetrical map which was included as part of the Noble Map Pack. Most of the map takes place in the two-story interior of the ship, with a small portion of the exterior being accessible by passing through the energy shields covering the ship's bay doors. The map features no vehicles or power-ups, and is not entirely dissimilar to The Pit from Halo 3.


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