Animal Crossing New Leaf: Friend Codes Swap!

#851 Posted by ThaBeezKnees (2 posts) -

Got this recently so I'm playing a lot. Friend code: 3050-8863-2059 Val. Thanks :)

#852 Posted by iamtirrrred (172 posts) -

Add me please! Name: Mellie


I have pears (native), peaches, lemons, persimmons, durians, and bananas! Add me, Il add you! :)

Please no cutting down my trees!

I am new to Animal Crossing New Leaf, and I am looking for people that have these kinds of fruit Apples, Lemon, and Persimmon. I saw in the Animal Crossing New Leaf forums that you have Lemon and Persimmons. I am hoping I can go to your town to get some. Let me know if it's OK. I will PM you with my info.

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anyone here still playing this? i'm matthew, 2552-2087-3740, just got intensely into it, no idea what to do next. come and link with me, PM if you do, i'll add you back for sure.

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Wow, last post was over 2 months ago?

I'm playing this game all the time forever now so if anyone else is, here is my FC: 1736-0054-1823 name: abadoxius

#856 Posted by MarkM (362 posts) -

Someone please. Please play this game? Its kinda the best AC game to date.

#857 Posted by coopsuk27 (2 posts) -

Hello added some people, my name is mark and my friend code is 4098-4318-9105. Thanks

#858 Posted by joseffthered (98 posts) -

Just picked this up my code is 4570-8722-8737. My name is Joe.

#859 Posted by jeffrud (476 posts) -

Got a town with all fruits and a cult of Zalthor. 2724-0864-9694 is the code, name is Jeff, town is Cascadia.

#860 Posted by Based (57 posts) -

@jeffrud: I added you, add me back

Friend Code: 1220 - 7678 - 9740

Name: Miyagi

#861 Posted by INV2 (321 posts) -

Last updated a month ago! :-(

Matthew, hailing from Omenpole.


#862 Posted by Robertdan (2 posts) -

Name: Asphodel

Code: 5198-3811-9118

Please come quick!

#863 Posted by 112Superalex (1 posts) -

Name: Alex

Friend Code: 4184-3204-5457

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