Transfer Data from Wild World or City Folk?

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Will Animal Crossing: New Leaf allow you to transfer data from Wild World or City Folk?

#2 Posted by rpwll (93 posts) -

The mechanics have changed significantly enough that I doubt it, and the precedent set by the previous games would confirm that doubt.

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@rpwll: Animal Crossing: City Folk let you transfer data from Wild World. But I think you're right, there won't be any transferring for New Leaf.

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I've been watching some people with the Japanese version play on YouTube and they've all said no.

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@insouciant: That's interesting, it gels with the reports I've heard that AC: City Folk is basically a Wii version of Wild World.

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More importantly, the DS and Wii both were hack-able when AC come out, thus killing the economy. Since the 3DS has not yet been hacked, allowing the import of every rare item from AC Wii into this game would hurt the economy.

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Kind of glad that there's no transfer. I'm not one to tell others how to play their game, but I feel like there's enough differences in this and City Folk that there should be a fresh start. Plus, the hacks would follow into this game like Doomed said.

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I found my old copy of Wild World a little earlier today and loaded it up on my 3DS. It's been something like 6 years since I last played it. It still works, and a couple of my old residents were still there and unfortunately so was Resetti.

It was pretty cool receiving the letter I'd sent to my 'future' self - now my long past self, but also sad to see my village looking so unkempt. So I just spent 2 hours pulling up all the weeds and clearing trees that had grown in bad places. The funny thing is that I'll probably not pick it up again until New Leaf arrives, but I couldn't bare the thought of my old buddies living in that run down place.

#9 Posted by triple07 (1236 posts) -

That would be AWFUL! The reason I buy a new Animal Crossing is to get away from the assholes in my current Animal Crossing town. All those assholes telling me they haven't seen me in awhile, all the fucking weeds, Tom Nook on my ass.

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