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Haze and Clara don't have the best parents in the world, between their regular drug dealings and other shady activity. But despite this, Haze and Clara go on living. Haze, an eighteen year old punk just starting to grow up holds a deep bitterness for the world as well as his parents. He tries to protect his sister from the evil in the world he has experienced first hand. Clara, a ten year old girl just starting middle school -that's very grown up for her age- spends most of her free time online chatting with friends.

One day, Haze returns home to find that his younger sister has been assaulted and raped. Haze discovers soon after that it was by a person she had been talking to online. After much strife, Clara is sent to a mental hospital to recover. Haze begins using his sister's online screen name under the facade of a young girl to lure out other internet predators in hopes of, in his own way, getting revenge on the world.

Anonymous Agony follows the parallel stories of Haze and Clara. As Clara heals and heads towards eventual recovery, Haze heads towards his own downfall.

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