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Age of Destiny

Welcome to Qeynos

After the cataclysm that changed the face of Norrath at the end of the Age of Turmoil, the lineage of the royal family of Antonius Bayle was lost. Known only to a few, the bloodline was kept safe through the catastrophe by secretly raising a member of the family on a small island away from the city of Qeynos. Even Shirrana herself did not know that she was the rightful heir to the city until word reached her guardians that the remaining members of the Bayle family had perished. Shirrana was sent to Qeynos with the proper documentation to claim the throne, and took the name Antonia in honor of her ancestors.

Antonia's natural beauty and inspiring charisma helped her quickly establish trust among her people, the good-natured survivors of the shattering. She proved to be a selfless leader, devoting most of her efforts into improving the city of Qeynos and encouraging her citizens to achieve greatness in the world. As her ancestors did, Antonia refused to be referred to as a queen. The name "Antonia" is a title in itself, and she sees herself as simply a representative of the people of Qeynos.

In regards to Freeport, Antonia did not despise its people, only their leader, Overlord Lucan D'Lere. She believed the people of Freeport to be misled, and welcomed them to Qeynos if they wished to escape the oppression of the overlord.


In EverQuest II, Antonia Bayle is voiced by Heather Graham.

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