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North Qeynos

Antonica is the largest continent on the face of Norrath. Its name originates from Antonius Bayle, the first leader of the humans after their evolution from the barbarians of the north. He successfully led his people of Oceangreen in defeating a plague of Bertoxxulous and established the great city of Qeynos. Before these events, the continent was known as Tunaria, in honor of the Mother of All, Tunare. This was a period before the existence of humans or barbarians, when much of the lands were populated by the elves. They lived in the beautiful Elddar Forest that spread across most of the eastern half of Tunaria. Due to the actions of Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince, the elves were forced from their home and fled to Faydwer. The Elddar Forest withered and burned under the scorching sun of Ro until it eventually became a desert wasteland.


During the Age of Turmoil, the terrain of Antonica consists of virtually every type of environment imaginable. The western lands near Qeynos are green and flat, while frozen peaks quickly rise in the northwest. Volcanoes perpetually erupt in the northeast, while humidity smothers those in the swamps of the south. And of course there is the expansive desert that spans most of the eastern coast near Freeport. Many hidden dungeons are scattered beneath the earth of Antonica, and nearly a dozen cities mark the starting points of Norrath's greatest adventurers.


West Freeport

Outdoor Zones

Northern Plains of Karana


Nagafen's Lair

EverQuest II

EQ2 Antonica Map

During the Age of Destiny, the face of Norrath was changed by a cataclysm. The continent known as Antonica was broken into many pieces and other parts sank into the ocean. The plains to the east of Qeynos became referred to as Antonica by the refugees and survivors that lived and fought on the side of good.

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