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Runnyeye Citadel

Runnyeye Citadel is a mind numbing series of twisting caverns that wind deep into the Antonican earth. For those few that have made it to the lowest levels, they return with stories of what appeared to be a legit city of goblins, not simply aimless tunnels of mud. Even fewer have actually befriended the goblins by way of their adventures in the Gorge of King Xorbb just outside. Enough slaying of muddites, minotaurs, and evil eyes will earn the respect of the clan. Until recently, Xorbb controlled the caverns with the Runnyeye goblins as his slaves. The Pickclaw goblins have since taken over the citadel, imprisoning both the Runnyeye Clan and the evil eyes that enslaved them. Lord Pickclaw himself is quite indifferent to visitors, unless of course they have slain a few hundred of his kin on the way to his throne room. While it may be much more difficult to get to than the one nearby in Rivervale, how many can say they bank their goods in Runnyeye's vault?

Neighboring Zones

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks


Notable NPCs

  • Battlelord Paluk
  • Battlewizard Unak
  • Goblin Banker
  • Goblin Bartender
  • Goblin Janitor
  • Lord Pickclaw
  • Pickclaw Crusader
  • Pickclaw Destroyer
  • Pickclaw Foeseeker
  • Slime Elemental
  • Sludge Dankmire
  • Sporali Defender
  • The Sporali Moldmaster

Notable Items

  • Beaded Slime Necklace
  • Black Alloy Medallion
  • Blackened Alloy Armor
  • Blackened Alloy Bastard Sword
  • Blackened Alloy Longsword
  • Blackened Iron Bastard Sword
  • Blackened Iron Eye Totem
  • Grotesque Alloy Mask
  • Grotesque Mask
  • Icon of the Constant
  • Orb of Slime
  • Polished Bone Bracelet
  • Polished Bone Hoop
  • Ring of Slime
  • Sporali Defender's Blade
  • Sporali Gloves
  • Sporestrand Shield

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