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Lake Rathetear

Lake Rathetear is the largest body of water on Antonica and borders the Southern Plains of Karana to the north and Rathe Mountains to the east. Legend states that the lake was formed from the tears of The Rathe, the council governing the element of earth, as one of the council were slain by Murdunk, a great ogre warrior of the Rallosian Empire. In the center of the lake, upon a small island, stands a massive tower lit by an eternal flame. Aviaks keep watch from this tower, keeping a keen eye on all that pass through the lake. The Arena can be found along the western wall of mountains. Along the rest of the shores of the lake, many different tiny villages can be found. Beneath the waters, those with the ability to breathe underwater will find a city of aqua goblins. On one small island, an Erudite is hard at work studying in silence. What appears to be a calm and beautiful region of Antonica holds many secrets and a great deal of history.

Neighboring Zones

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Gypsy CampFood, Water, Alcohol, Bags, General Supplies
Ogre CampFood, Water, General Supplies


Notable NPCs

  • Bone Golem
  • Corrupted Shaman
  • Cyanelle
  • Deep
  • Eldreth
  • Emkel Kabae
  • Failed Apprentice
  • Gnoll Embalmer
  • Kazen Fecae
  • Kyralynn
  • Lord Bergurgle
  • Misty Tekcihta
  • Natasha Whitewater
  • Rykas
  • Shmendrik Lavawalker
  • Spirit of Flame
  • Tortured Soul
  • Trug
  • Turgan
  • Vrynn

Notable Items

  • Apprentice Ring
  • Clean Lakewater
  • Damaged Goblin Crown
  • Golden Ear Stud
  • Lord Begurgle's Crown
  • Skull of Jhen`Tra
  • Symbol of Insanity
  • Twisted Bone Earring
  • Velvet Choker

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