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Although Bertoxxulous has no creations in Norrath, he his influence has been felt throughout its history.  After the fall of the Combine Empire, Humans spread across the continent then known as Tunaria.  Many settled on the west coast and the surrounding plains.  A cult of Necromancers devoted to the Plaguebringer nearly ended the rise of the Human race before they ever got started.  Antonius Bayle's contributions in leading a vicotrious defense of Oceangreen led to the establishment of Qeynos and the renaming of the continent to Antonica.  Throughout the Age of Turmoil, a temple to Bertoxxulous remained hidden beneath the city of Qeynos.  Another was built by the rare breed of blue orcs of Crushbone, in northern Faydwer. 


Bertoxxulous plague-ridden followers believe in one simple rule: Everything Dies.  While disgusting and horrific to most, they see the decomposition of flesh as a sacred thing.  Bruises, blisters, pus, oozing sores, infected cuts, and contagious rashes are just a few things that followers of Bertoxxulous treasure.  Unsurprisingly, necromancers are some of his most common devotees.  While they surround themselves in death and unlife, do not mistake them as ones who seek death themselves.  It is their mission to serve Bertoxxulous to spread disease around the world for as long as possible.


EverQuest II 
In most lore, The Plaguebringer is illustrated as a decaying hunchback cloaked in a tattered robe.  Strangely, his face, when visible, appears to be that of a handsome man.  During the Planes of Power era, Bertoxxulous manifested himself as a towering, wretched monstrosity of decayed flesh and exposed bones that arch sharply out of his spine.  When he returned to Norrath during the Age of Destiny, he manifested himself as a rotting Ratonga.

Among the Pantheon

Bertoxxulous has no real allies and is enemies with Tunare, Rodcet Nife, Karana, Mithaniel Marr, and Rallos Zek.  He makes his home in the Cryst of Decay, which is decrepit castle in the Plane of Disease.    

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