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EQ Trolls
EQ Trolls

Trolls are much like their neighboring Ogres. Large, strong, and dim-witted; Trolls don't have a curse to blame, that's just how they are. These hideous creatures are rarely found without their trusty club, sometimes spiked for increased destruction. The biggest perk about Trolls though is their innate regenerative ability. They regenerate health faster than any race. That combined with their strength and stamina make them some of the best Warriors in the land. Also like the Ogres, some Trolls attempt to learn the arts of alchemy and necromancy by becoming Shaman and Shadow Knights in their devotion to hate and fear. Trolls are often found trading with the merchants in Oggok when items cannot be found in their own home of Grobb. They are hated and feared by most other races, which is how they like it.

Dungeons and Dragons

Trolls have a long history with Dungeons and Dragons, and were included in the first edition of the Monster Manual. Their main characteristics are their hideous and despicable appearance and their ability to regenerate damaged or lost limbs, and can usually only be killed with fire or acid. They are usually of chaotic evil alignment, and have many variants which may reside in different locales (i.e. Mountain Trolls) or have different weaknesses (i.e. Fire Trolls).

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