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Epic Weapons 

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power.  They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors.  These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods.  Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete.  Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon.  Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.  

The Jagged Blade of War / Blades of Strategy & Tactics

The Jagged Blade of War is unique in that it is a two-handed sword that can be split into two one-handed swords to suit a warrior's needs.  The Blade of Tactics gives a boost to strength, dexterity, health, and attack prowess.  Its blue aura is infused with the power of Tallon Zek, which increases dexterity and defense.  The Blade of Strategy offers boosts to strength, stamina, and health.  It pulses red with the power of Vallon Zek, which increases health and instills hatred into any enemy it touches, keeping the its focus on the warrior rather than his or her friends.  The two blades can be combined into one massive blade of swirling red and blue aura that is infused with the power of Rallos Zek the Warlord himself, which consumes the soul of an enemy while instill an even more intense hatred into the foe.  

The Epic Quest

East Freeport
The warrior epic quest begins with either a Human named Kargek Redblade or a Dwarf named Wenden Blackhammer who run a forge in East Freeport.  Any great sword needs a sturdy hilt, and what Wenden has planned will require hilts crafted from the skulls of dragons.  Surprisingly, they are easy to acquire, but finding them can be a long journey.  A severely damaged dragon head hilt can be found resting quietly near the king piece of the giant chessboard in the Timorous Deep.  Advising Wenden of this discovery almost causes a stroke in the poor Dwarf.  He can fix it with some material that magician's use to create golems and some metal known as rejesiam ore.  Sadly, he has no idea where to find a golem with a living center as powerful as the hilt once was, but he knows that the mountain giants of Kunark hold the world's supply of rejesiam ore.   
The Dreadlands
Wenden suggests speaking to a giant named Mentrax Mountainbone using the Dwarf's name as reference to get some of the ore.  Mentrax will not hand over any ore without a new monocle as payment.  Strangely, this monocle is only obtainable by slaying the mountain giant patriarch who can be found not far from Mentrax in the Dreadlands.  After getting the ore, the next part is obtaining the soul of a golem powerful enough to replace the one that was in the hilt.  Wenden was right, no golem on Norrath has one powerful enough, so it must be obtained from one of the three that guard Cazic-Thule in the Plane of Fear.  Obviously this would require significant help.  Returning the ball of everliving golem and the rejesiam ore to Wenden allows him to create a finely crafted dragon head hilt.

There is yet another hilt that must be located, and it rests at the bottom of Lake Rathetear.  This is an unjeweled dragon head hilt.  To repair the hilt, Wended requires a diamond, a black sapphire, and a jacinth, which are all quite expensive.  After acquiring the gems by either purchasing them or finding them in some of the most dangerous regions of the world, Wenden is able to afix them in creating a jeweled dragon head hilt.

Permafrost Keep
With two hilts, now come the blades.  The first task is to speak to Denken Strongpick, a Dwarf on the aviak island in the Ocean of Tears.  He advises that he and his crew have been stranded here since their rebreathers broke and their boss in demanding more goblin relics.  In their search for relics, they uncovered an ancient blade, which he offers to sell, but not for money.  Seeing as he's stranded here, money does him no good.  So he requests a keg of Vox tail ale, a block of permafrost to keep it cold, and two new rebreathers so he and his buddy can get back to work.  The ale can be bought from a variety of pubs around the world.  The block of ice can be looted from the ice giants in Permafrost Keep.  The rebreathers must be tinkered by a Gnome with high enough skill, and the components will be costly.  After returning these items to Denken, he hands over the ancient sword blade.

The second ancient blade is carried by Queen Velazul Di'zok, the powerful Sarnak royalty of Chardok.

Eastern Plains of Karana
In order to combine the parts of the sword, a scabbard is necessary, and this is where Wenden's Human pal Kargek Redblade comes in.  Kargek carries a massive red scabbard on his back, but no sword.  Asking about it causes him to request a favor before telling of the blade's story.  A sealed note must be delivered to an Ogre named Oknoggin Stonesmacker, who haphazardly rips it open, then tosses a tiny lute back in return.  Kargek takes the lute and return shares some information about the history of his family and the blade.  He offers a book, called Redblade's Legacy, and suggests that it be taken to his brother Tenal in East Karana.  In return for the book, Tenal offers a Frozen War Totem and requests the heart of frost, which can only be obtained from the goblin wizards and warlocks of Permafrost Keep.  Returning the totem along with the heart to Tenal will cause him to fall into a trance, speaking with a voice not his own.   
Emerald Jungle
The voice requests the scales of the children of Veeshan, red and green.  The voice silences and Tenal falls to he ground gasping for breath.  A red scale can be obtained from Lord Nagafen or Talendor in Skyfire Mountains.  The green scale can be taken from Severilous in the Emerald Jungle or Hoshkar in Veeshan's Peak.  Of course both of these tasks will require quite a bit of assistance no matter how skilled of a warrior attempts this.  Tenal seems confused at the receipt of these scales, but then the voice takes over again, now requesting that the Maestro of Rancor in the Plane of Hate be slain.  Tenal again collapses.  The trick here is that it's not the Maestro that "Tenal" wants dead, but just the hand of the Maestro.  Tenal is horrified by the severed hand, but once again, the voice takes over his body.  It requests a note be taken to Kargek along with the wingblde from the Spiroc Lord of the Plane of Sky.  When Kargek recieves the wingblade, he trades it for the scabbard.  When both hilts and both ancient blades are placed into the scabbard, the result is the creation of the Blade of Tactics and the Blade of Strategy, which combined create the Jagged Blade of War.    

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