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The Discworld is the setting for Terry Pratchett's Discworld stories. The world first appears in his novel The Colour of Magic, and is the setting for all of the tales within the series; in that sense the term refers to both the universe and the physical Discworld location. It also features in related products based on the series of books, such as TV adaptations and games.

The Discworld is so named because it is a flat, circular world. It is balanced on the backs of four gigantic elephants, who themselves rest on the back of Great A'Tuin, an enormous turtle who swims through space. Ankh Morpork is the world's largest and most advanced city, and is the setting for most of the stories in the series including the games.

The Discworld features many elements of a traditional fantasy universe, such as Troll, Elf and Dwarf races, the use of magic, and a wide variety of fantastical creatures. However, many of these elements have humorous or satirical characteristics in keeping with the not-quite-spoof nature of the series.

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