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Epic Weapons

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power.  They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors.  These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods.  Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete.  Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon.  Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others. 

Innoruuk's Curse

Innoruuk's Curse is a massive two-handed broad sword that pulses with an eerie purple light.  The sword grants a shadow knight with boosts to strength, dexterity, intelligence, health, and mana.  It is infused with the power of a spell known as Soul Consumption which siphons the health of an enemy to heal the sword's master.  The hilt of the blade emits mystical skulls that are sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the most righteous.   

The Epic Quest

The Overthere
The shadow knight epic begins with a Dark Elf at the outpost in The Overthere named Kurron Ni.  He is searching for a soul worth of assisting him in the completion of a particular mission.  He requests a helm, breastplate, and greaves of Darkforge armor and 900 platinum pieces in order for someone to their worth to him.  The Darkforge armor is earned through a separate quest offered in the Temple of Solusek Ro.  Kurron confesses that his so called mission was to simply dupe a naive young shadow knight into handing over a small fortune that will allow him to fund his appetite for liquor and women.  He must kill the one who brought him these items so that he can trick someone else later, so a fight is at hand.  After defeating Kurron, a letter can be found in his pocket addressed to Duriek and signed by Karnett.  Duriek Bloodpool is an Erudite in Paineel, and Karnett was his apprentice, presumably the last person tricked by Kurron.  Taking Karnett's place as Duriek's apprentice only requires retrieving some cough medicine from an Ogre named Smaka in Neriak for 1000 platinum pieces.  He speaks of his life's work, the piecing together of clues for the creation of a legendary blade, a corrupted Ghoulbane.  One apprentice was already lost in the search for the final clue, a tome lost somewhere in The Hole.  Inexplicably, the tome is currently carried by a ratman guard that scurries around near the old jail.  Taking the dusty tome to Duriek surprises him greatly.  The tome is better than he had hoped and he now understands how to corrupt the righteous blade known as Ghoulbane.  Duriek is too old to gather the items necessary, so he requests the retrieval of not only a Ghoulbane, but also the Soul Leech, the Blade of Abrogation, and the Decrepit Sheath.

Plane of Fear
The Ghoulbane itself could be obtained through a quest offered by Ryshon Hunsti in West Karana, but any spiteful shadow knight would find it much easier to kill either the froglok shin lord of Upper Guk or much more satisfying to kill Joren Nobleheart, a paladin who resides in the magician's guild in North Felwithe.  The Soul Leech is carried only by Cazic-Thule, the god of fear, and his three golem guardians, so acquiring it will be quite a task.  The Blade of Abrogation is carried by some of the creatures in the Plane of Sky.  And the Decrepit Sheath can be fashioned by a man named Teydar in the Qeynos Catacombs.  In order to create it, Teydar requires a drake spine from Rharzar in the Rathe Mountains, a decrepit hide from the ashenbone drakes in the Plane of Hate, and an enchanted platinum bar.  Duriek places the swords on a table, the Ghoulbane in the middle, then casts a spell with a massive flash of light that causes him to collapse to the ground.  His old body can barely withstand the force of the spell, and after wishing he could continue following the quest together, he mentions that the next step, based on what he has read in the tome, is finding a powerful lich named Lhranc.

The City of Mist
Lhranc is a ghost that roams the City of Mist.  He claims to have been cursed to these ruins for all eternity and believes to have finally met the person destined to free him.  To lift the curse, he requires the heart of an innocent, the head of the valiant, the will of Innoruuk, and the corrupted Ghoulbane.  Knarthenne Skurl, an Erudite wandering Toxxulia Forest knows about the heart of the innocent.  He points those requesting information about it to Marl Kastane nearby.  Marl points to his brother, Gerot, in Paineel.  Gerot seems quite anxious and worried about an impending punishment from Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate, himself.  He begs that a note be hurried back to his brother.  Marl is frightened by the note and speaks of a prophecy that tells of the forces of good reigning supreme over the lands of Norrath and the forces of corruption left helpless.  The story goes that Lhranc and his brother went separate ways, Lhranc being chosen by Innoruuk to bring hate to the men of Norrath, and his brother Glohnor was chosen by Mithaniel Marr as a Lightbringer.  The two brothers both had affection for the same woman, Kyrenna.  She fell in love with Glohnor, which caused Lhranc to attempt to kill his own brother.  Glohnor defeated his evil brother, Lhranc lost an eye, and was excommunicated from Freeport.   
The Hole
After years of roaming the deserts of Ro as a madman, Innoruuk summoned Lhranc and offered him the power over the undead, which made him the first Human shadow knight.  With these new powers, Lhranc snuck through Freeport sewers and slew his brother.  This is the act that brought about a curse from Mithaniel Marr that turned Lhranc into a deformed spectre and confined him to the ruined city of Torsis.  Lhranc used the last of his power to summon Kyrenna and trap her within a timeless sphere, for he planned to slowly turn her to the side of Innoruuk.  The prophecy states that she will one day escape this sphere, resurrect Glohnor, and destroy Lhranc, reversing all the work he had done spreading the word of Innoruuk to Humans.  Marl and Gerot are the current keepers of Glohnor's corpse, for a secret plan has been set so that if the corpse were ever discovered by Kyrenna or any of the forces of good.  They need help completing the ritual that will prevent this prophecy from ever happening, as it requires the blood of the innocent, Kyrenna herself.  She is currently held in the prisons of The Hole with a man named Caradon.  Caradon gives her up if he is promised freedom, but once the door opens, both shall die.  From Kyrenna corpse, one can retrieve the blood and heart of innocence.

Toxxulia Forest
Upon receiving the blood, Marl hands over a shroud that must be placed on the wandering ghost of Glohnor in The Hole, which will cause a mummified version of him to rise.  After defeating the mummy, his head should be taken to Gerot who will hand over the head of the valiant.  The mummies wrappings should be taken to Marl in trade for the will of Innoruuk.  The head, will, and heart along with with the corrupted Ghoulbane should then be returned to Lhranc in the City of Mist.  He levitates the four items above his head, then they begin to swirl around him rapidly.  Lhranc tosses a simple coin across the room as a reward before insulting the one who helped him gain his freedom.  He confesses that he never had any intention of offering his powerful sword as a reward, but he will definitely let you have a close up look at it.  Defeating Lhranc will require an army strong enough to defeat a dragon, as Lhranc is more powerful than almost any Human.  Marl arrives soon after Lhranc's defeat.  He fears that if he takes the sword, his people will kill him to steal it for themselves.  Marl trades the sword for the coin Lhranc tossed out, as he plans to use the coin to explain what happened here.  After handing over the simple coin, Innoruuk's Curse will have a new owner.

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