Monsters that are not classic RPG staples

These are monsters that just didn't make the cut

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Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

I find it insane that some of these (especially Orcs, what the hell?) aren't considered classic RPG staples. Nice list.

Posted by russdog

I have visited almost all of those pages in my quest.

Posted by Chrjz

It's amazing that these are not in the top 5. I only have 2...

Posted by Wandrecanada

Yeah seriously... Skeleton Warriors and Humanoid Lizards need to be on that list.
Also spiders or Giant spiders.

Posted by CaptainFish
Ah Spiders, I totally forgot spiders. Some games make up the majority of their monsters with just giant insects/arachnids.
Posted by lennylar987

Chalk up Chimeras on the list as well.

Posted by NoXious

Beholders anyone? That is like the one monster I'll never forget from the RPG genre.
Beyond that I was bummed out how Minotaur wasn't even one of the five :-/

Posted by CaptainFish


Chimeras added, they are officially on notice.

 Beholders added, I also submitted an illithid / mind flayer article so hopefully that's coming.

Posted by Ace829

Would you consider snakes as an RPG staple?

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Thanks for this list - it will save a lot of search time!
(Oh, and you can rule Harpies out as well)

Posted by CaptainFish

Hell yes snakes! 


Harpies comin' right up!

Posted by ZombiePie

Even though most of these didn't accomplish the quest involving baddies it got my mind juices flowing so you have my thanks!

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Man, I tried so many things. Just normal ass wolves, bandits, thieves, barbarians, soldiers, scorpions, and bees. And most of the things on the list. I was so relieved when I finally got it.

Posted by lacke

Yeah I'm a little disappointed that spiders, bats or rats don't have a spot on the list. Only figured out three so far, don't want to spoil anything but there definitely one monster I would exchange for either bats, rats or spiders. Then again, they do have a typical "lowbie" mob on the list. Maybe I should not say anything until I figure out the last two mobs.

Posted by Zippedbinders

Add Scorpions to your list.

Posted by CaptainFish

I know, eh? Thanks for reminding me of wolves, bandits, and scorpions! All were something i looked for in trying this quest!


Technically Dr_Feelgood38 beat you to it, but I added it because of you so you both get credit!

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This is a pretty crazy achivement... I only have like 3 out of five so far...  Im tempted to type in helicopter
oh yeah... you can also rule out sea monster kraken... etc.

Posted by JoeH

I have four only one to go...

Posted by CaptainFish
It certainly is tough. Sea monsters have been attached. I feel like I might have forgotten some more specific ones though.
Posted by TheGreatGuero

Yeah, I searched for a good portion of those and then decided this was a stupid quest. Great list, man. I'm glad you're shining some light on this issue.

Posted by heavyplay

No lich either. 
Got the last three in the list, just need the first two and it's driving me nuts!

Posted by CaptainFish
Oh man do I have egg on my face now or what. Adding Liches. Number one has to do with dragon quest, for some reason.
Posted by liquidben

Argh, I'm still looking. Hydra doesn't work either

Posted by risseless

Any RPG monster list without undead is insta-fail. I'm looking at you, Monster Mash.

Posted by CaptainFish

Thanks liquidben, the hydra has been added. PM if you still need help I can provide hints.

Posted by Fredy

Add Centaurs to that list aswell.

Edited by NoXious

Oeh, recently got reminded of the petrification mobs in D&D because I played through Neverwinter Nights Original (or at least Chapter 1) where you have to collect the Cockatrice. There's also an Expansion Pack with the Medusa in it.
Baldur's Gate had this horrible encounter with Basilisks that always managed to petrify someone which was such a terrible thing in D&D. GAAAAH!
Are these three buggers considered to be part of the RPG genre? Basilisk, Cockatrice and Medusa? They are part of mythology I believe.

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Treants don't work either.

Posted by CaptainFish

I think that centaurs are more a race than a monster. I'm reminded of the entire Mega Drive Shining Force series, where you could have half your 16 man team be centaurs. On the other hand if you really do feel strongly about it, I guess I could add it.


I think these count, if only for the reason that they're awesome and they are all in Tales of Phantasia on the SNES, if my memory serves me correctly.


Treants added, as much as it pained me to do so.

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Add Gods + Devil / Diablo + Roc + Piranah's

Posted by softcoregamer

Not to be a jerk, but the quest's clue is "These monsters are pretty cliche for the RPG genre. Find them all," not "These are the top 5 cliche RPG monsters," or "These are the only RPG cliche monsters that exist."  The quest list is simply an arbitrary subset of a larger "cliche monster" list.  
But, I agree with the people that are saying that this is a difficult quest.  I only have 3 so far, and all the ones I have tried are already on this list.

Posted by CaptainFish
I never stated that all or any of these monsters should replace those in the quest. You're really implying a bit too much about my intentions. This list isn't made to complain about the quest specifically, it's just me documenting the ones I (and other community members) went through in attempting to solve it. It serves to help people by cutting some time out of their own search. The sarcastic title is just so people know what it refers to and is a part of the light-hearted nature of the list itself.
Posted by softcoregamer
 It was the name of the list that confused me.  Sorry.  I like the list and understood it's real purpose.  I didn't pick up on the sarcasm.  I have a tendency to do that.  Please understand the confusion.
By the way, have people completed this quest, because I have visited over 50 pages and I still have one monster to find.  I am going crazy.
Posted by JBrighty

i miss the first monster on the list!

Posted by DCam

"Slime monster" shouldn't really be on this list. The other list has somethings VERY close, which would seem to cover slime monster.

Posted by ISuperGamerI
@DCam:  I agree, you should look into slime lol. :P
Posted by SpawnMan

I agree, the actual quest monsters are a joke! At least 2 I have never even seen in any RPG I've played and the other 3 are hardly notable.

Posted by Lombaszko
Posted by madhattervx

Seriously man, Skeletons should have made the list. Orcs too, but Skeletons are in EVERYTHING. Nice list!