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Anya concept sketch
Anya Romanov is Forge City's best thief. She is armed with an array of high tech non-lethal weapons and criminal tools. Efficient, athletic, and a master of many martial arts, Anya is at the top of her league as a professional thief in Forge City, despite being in the minority of thieves who do not also routinely add murder and vandalism to their rap sheet. For Anya, it is not simply a question of ethics, but matter of professional pride, that she does not kill on the job. She is able to get in, get the goods and get out again, without anyone being any the wiser.

Her partner and agent is Louie Palmer, a war veteran and communications expert who is the voice in Anya's ear. From his control room, he is connected to Anya's audio and video link. From there he guides her through Forge City's most dangerous jobs. She does not rattle easily, nor does she like to backdown in the face of a challenge. However, she has enough experience to know not to push her luck when it really counts.

At the star of the game, she has been hired by a misterious client to steal the city's most valuable treasures.


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