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Possibly an influence for Grand Theft Auto

APB (All Points Bulletin) is an open world driving arcade game developed by Atari in 1987. In arcades it had a very eye catching attract mode. There were actual working red and blue lights spinning on top of the machine. The game is thought to be a primary influence for the Grand Theft Auto series because APB's open world and overhead, top-down view of gameplay. 

Interrogate the wrong doers

APB's gameplay focuses on the day in a life of a police officer named Officer Bob. You will drive a police car from and overhead perspective in an open world, and as Bob you are tasked with ticketing and arresting people committing crimes. You may play one level ticketing litterbugs, and the next level you need to arrest the head litterbug. Other criminals may be dopers or people disturbing the peace. In order to complete levels you need to meet quotas for ticketing and arresting without running out of time or gas. Throughout the levels you can earn more time by collecting donuts, and fill up on gas at different gas pumps. 

Game Over 

There is also a humorous interrogation mini game to earn a higher score. The mini game has you strangling and interrogating those arrested by rapidly pressing a button, and failure simply means don't earn a bonus score. After completing levels successfully you are congradulated by the chief, but failure means you lose your job.


Other Release

I thought it was an Atari Classic

APB was primarily an arcade game, but has seen many releases on home computers and consoles. Around the time the game was originally released, it was ported to the PC, Commodore 64, among other home computers. The different releases retained all the elements of the arcade game. More recently APB has appeared on home consoles in Midway Arcade Treasures, despite being developed by Atari.
APB should not be confused with APB, the MMO of the same name.

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