Games That Should Be In Game Room

Here are the games I think would work terrifically with Game Room's leaderboard and challenge features.

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Posted by Crono

Love me some Iron Man Off Road.  I wish I had the arcade machine.

Posted by iTreefish

Hot damn I'd love to play some Narc in game room. I suppose this will only ever be a distant dream though.

Posted by Cowman

Major Havoc is coming to Game Room. I played a trial of it before they pulled it. Should be re-unlocked July 7.

Posted by pcmachnik

Q*bert is a game that does not get enough love.
Posted by GuiYncognito

I remember Congo Bongo looked amazing the first time I saw it! Starcade, episode #47.

Posted by Video_Game_King

At least two of these have made it into Game Room.

Posted by shodan2020

I'd really like to see Mappy, Pac-Man, and a bunch of other Namco titles in Game Room... but that will never happen. Which is a damn shame because Mappy belongs in MY Game Room ARCADE. :)

Posted by Ventilaator

Some of these actually happened....!

Posted by vaportra1l

I would love to see Rampart in game room with online multiplayer. I wish Midway arcade treasures was backwards compatible on the 360.

Posted by pikeplacer

Mr. Do! and Jumpman for me.