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One levels plays very much like Donkey Kong
Congo Bongo was first created by Sega to compete with arcade games such as Donkey Kong or Frogger. It never found the success of Donkey Kong and Frogger, and it was very much a commercial failure. Despite its lack of success in the arcades, it was eventually ported to most home computers and game home consoles. 


 Bongo is a mischievous ape that sets the tent of safari hunter on fire. The safari hunter lost his tent and possessions, and he seeks revenge on the ape for his practical joke. The safari hunter chases Bongo and through the dangerous Congo to get his revenge.


Rhinos, one of the many dangers in the Congo
Congo Bongo takes place in an isometric perspective, and requires the player to move a safari hunter through for different levels. One level, that resembles Donkey Kong, has the hunter climbing a mountain while simultaneously avoiding coconuts that a gorilla is hurling its way. Two levels have that hunter moving through a level avoiding hippos and rhinos. The last level very much resembles frogger, and has the hunter crossing a river across logs and lily pads.  These four levels will loop until the player loses all their lives.

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