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@krataur: No, I'm in New York right now.

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You are using the wrong URL. You are looking for

You may need to type that manually without a / at the end to make it go.

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Another thing I have always wondered about is when entities like bands are credited? Do we put in the band members, or if they are not specifically mentioned do we just not include them at all?

Never. Unless a person is credited specifically for work on that game, they aren't included. Licensing your music to a game isn't a "credit." Same goes for people who have a likeness appear in a game. Except in exceedingly rare cases, unless they're specificlally credited in the game's credits, they don't get a page/credit.

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Yeah, we need example credits and stuff to better account for the cases you're mentioning here and help people categorize stuff. The list of disciplines is based on GDC's different tracks. GDC may not have a writing track, now that I think about it, so it might be worth adding that to the list. But for our purposes, at the moment, those are Design roles.

Director positions could potentially go under Design or Business, really. Different studios treat those roles differently. I'll consult some actual directors during GDC and make a call on that. "Director of Engineering" would obviously be a Programming role, though.

Localization is Business.

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So, for the record here, I think reviewers who were playing Dark Souls 2 in a pre-release environment had access to servers and the online experience. That said, the number of players playing at a given time when working on that review would be significantly lower than after the game was released, so I still think it's an iffy scenario. I don't really know enough about the game to know how big of a deal the player count is. I do know that Brad and Vinny both had access to that build of the game and decided to hold off on touching it until we had real, retail copies in-hand.

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@saturdaynightspecials: Yes, that rule still applies (with the possible exception of the "canceled games" concept page, of course).

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@turboman: Oh, I hadn't seen that. Makes sense for them to protect their last show, I guess. I'm not that excited about the card, but we're recording a podcast next week and I should probably see it.

Or, at least, that's how I'm justifying it to myself this month.