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I might try to keep playing this, so if you've got room, I believe my name is "MonsterDunk."

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Yeah, sorry, we're aware of the problem and the engineering team is working on it right now.

You may also see some other busted stuff around the site, like reviews not showing on game pages and such. It's all related, I'm told! They're on the case.

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@mistercrow: No, it's been the same seven people since Ghosts. I'm guessing whoever created it is long gone.

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I'm not sure who has to approve applicants to the PS4 clan. It isn't me! If the leader isn't active, someone may need to start a new one.

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The app can be a little screwy in cases where you have player data on multiple platforms. Or, at least, it is for me. The emblem editor sticks to my Xbox One profile even though I have everything else flipped to PS4.

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Sometimes it seems like the "big" curator lists are just recommending tons and tons of games... seems like they just want more links back to their page and, hopefully, links out to their YouTube videos or whatever. In that sense, I like that we're stingier with ours, though every time I look at it I run a mental check to see if there's anything else that I would recommend.

We have 10k followers there, which seems OK for something that doesn't recommend a zillion games and is something that we don't spend any real time promoting, I guess? I have no idea.

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It's a silly goof they shot because they probably wanted to have some kind of video in there prior to release, both for reviewers to see how the video system is going to work and, I'd guess, their own testing purposes. If anything, it just reminds me of the unit voices in the review version of Warcraft 2, some of which were replaced with silly begging for good reviews. This ain't a big deal.

(That said, if that's the tone they're going for in whatever their real videos are, I can't say I'd spend any time watching them.)

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@jimbo said:

Corruption doesn't come in brown envelopes, it comes in everyone involved implicitly understanding which side their bread is buttered.

You're welcome to your opinion, but in my experience most people in the editorial department are kept so far out of business discussions that literally have no idea how their own business works. Plenty of rank-and-file editors just keep their head down and stay focused on the task at hand, which has its pros and cons.

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