$15 store code here...

My membership renewed yesterday and I got a new discount code for our store. I'm not going to use it, but if anyone wants $15 off, here's the code:


Enjoy? I guess post a comment if you end up using it so that other people know that it's already been cashed in, cool? See ya soon.


New Platform: New Nintendo 3DS (N3DS)

OK, so...

New Nintendo 3DS

Looks like they're making a Game Boy Color but for the 3DS. I think the name is pretty unfortunate and potentially confusing, personally, but whatever.

Games that run exclusively on the New Nintendo 3DS should be tagged to this platform. 3DS games that have "enhanced functionality" when plugged into a New Nintendo 3DS should be tagged to both this and the "old" 3DS platform.


Wiki: Friends/Enemies -> Related Characters

Given the way that character relationships tend to twist and turn in video games, I'm finding that our current ability to create character-to-character relationships on a "friend" or "enemy" list to be a little outmoded. Would anyone object to bringing those two lists together into one that's simply called Related Characters?


Wiki Tip: Parodies/Unlicensed Appearances are not the same as appearances

Spent some time digging around some of the older wrestling games and character pages on the site to find that people have tagged many of the Fire Pro Wrestling games with characters who actually aren't in the games. Just a note that just because a company is trying to make a character in Randy Savage's likeness does not mean that Randy Savage is in the game. We want actual, "real" appearances when we attach characters to games, not parodies or cases where the company is just "borrowing" someone's likeness.


A slight bit of Quick Look fallout.

So I turned on my 360 for the first time in awhile to discover a set of increasingly angry messages from someone that "appeared" in a recent Quick Look. It starts with "yo man I heard you were talking shit about me in a video" and then escalates to "I AM GONNA SUE U" over the course of, like, three hours. As if this guy is completely incapable of seeing that I wasn't online when he sent the messages.

I was, at first, tempted to put all the messages out there because his high-pitched whining was kind of hilarious, but it's probably best to just let it go. I don't even remember talking mess about the guy in the Quick Look in question, but then it wasn't a particularly memorable game.


Hot How-To Wiki Vids: What do you want to see?

Hey guys! Thinking about producing a set of "how to properly edit the wiki" videos to show people how the tools work and how to navigate the murky waters of some of our deeper pages. I already want to do one for Credits and one for Releases. Are there any other sections you'd really like some further explanation about?

I'll probably try to get this going after E3 (though if time permits, I may sneak in one before the show).


Crysis 3 Xbox 360 Weird Audio Glitch

So here's something I don't think I've encountered before. When I get a good look at a wide open area in the 360 version of Crysis 3, the audio completely dies. But when I pan back over to the wall or down to the ground, it kicks back in. Weeeeeeeird.

Has anyone else encountered this? This might be the weirdest glitch I've encountered since the "headshot causes game to freeze for 5-8 seconds" bug in Kane & Lynch 2. The difference there is that I found that one before release and didn't have anyone else to compare notes with like I do now, so... anyone?


What Happens in Vegas...

Hey, so we've been getting a handful of questions from people who have heard about the internal kerfuffle between our parent company and CNET over CNET's Best of CES awards.

I'm actually not really sure what to say about it. People are looking for me to comment on this stuff, but CNET's Lindsey Turrentine has already laid out the timeline of events over on CNET itself. It sounds like a bad situation--the kind that can only really come up when you're a part of a huge corporation that has interests all over the place. On one hand, I can understand why the folks up top wouldn't want anything popping up that would interfere with its court case. On the other, independence and integrity are the main things you expect from an editorial team. What happens when these two ideals clash? Well, that's where we are now.

Many of the questions I'm getting ask us what would happen if our parent company ended up in a lawsuit with a video game publisher. The good news is that this is a pretty unlikely scenario. The bad news is... well, see above, I guess.

For the very reasons you might expect, I won't have anything more to say on this topic for the time being. We're going to keep doing what we do because that's all we know how to do. All we can do in response to this situation is to keep reporting for duty each day in our continuing efforts to deliver an editorial product that is entertaining, informative, and trustworthy.

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