This Site is Awesome, And These Pages Prove It

A list of pages that are either filled out really well or are so weird that it's amazing that they actually exist.

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Posted by Dudacles

Hell yes.

Posted by LordAndrew

I don't even know what Ground Zero: Texas is, but at least someone does. :)

Posted by Chaser324
@LordAndrew: Yes, someone does, and we all owe them a great debt of gratitude for spending so much time with dated full motion video games so that we don't have to.
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Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Half a face on box art. 
Classic - Its like im sitting in visual design class in high school and thinking im a creative genious all over again.

Posted by Keeng

Hell yeah. The GB Wiki schooled me on Ground Zero: Texas. I totally wanna play it now.

Posted by Griddler

Ahh, at first when I saw 'Showing half a face on box art' I thought it was my page 'Showing half a face on title screen' XD

Posted by Winternet

Number 6 is a classic.

Posted by Pepsiman

I'm glad we see eye to eye about number 7. That man saved the Sega offices from a rocket, after all. He is absolutely nothing short of divine. Plus, he's badass enough to train with a giant Saturn controller. Truly, the man has no flaws.

Posted by Emandudeguyperson

Hell yeah! Git sum Segasata up in this biatch!

Posted by trophyhunter

 This is trophyhunter and this is my favorite list on the GiantBomb. 

Posted by Prymet1me

Number got dam one!

Posted by Sweep

I would like to promote the Escaping a Sinking Car page. It deserves to be on this list. Honestly i'm surprised you only found 8 pages Jeff. Surely there are more?

Posted by DonutFever
Posted by lolicanseeyou
@DonutFever said:
" You forgot Something. "
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Posted by KrustINC77

god I love this site 
Posted by ZombiePie

Oh hey I created and authored the entire Sinistar page. Thanks for saying you enjoyed it!

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

Ground Zero Texas was awesome (looking through super nostalgia glasses) - frankly, I was a little shocked its page was not longer.

Posted by euro2012


I am a new comer

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The picture of pudding brought me to this list.

Posted by bdhurkett

I don't know which amuses me more (though it's presumably a bug or holdover): that five of the items on this list share equal first place, or that the other three apparently aren't worthy enough.