Here Is The List Of People That Can Stop Mr. Domino

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Um, you forgot to list me. I can stop Mr Domino. However, by posting here, my name has appeared on this list, so I'll let it slide, seeing as how you've corrected it.

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Posted by TMThomsen

I saw what he did there.

Posted by Superfriend

Oh yeah! No one! What´s that?! No. One.

Posted by Damodar
@Video_Game_King:  NOBODY can stop Mr Domino. NOBODY!!!
Posted by Video_Game_King
I can. Especially if I place an immovable object in front of him.
Posted by Blubba

Hahaha great stuff

Posted by RJPelonia

It's true.

Posted by DrJota

So true.Not even the mighty power button!

Posted by ZanzibarBreeze

There needs to be a battle between this prolific list and the expansive list that notes all the people who are more authentic than Kid Rock.

Posted by TweetTweet

Hahaha - best list ever! :)

Posted by Winternet

This list is pretty awesome.

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Posted by Gamer_152

This list is my 2013 GoTY.

Posted by meaninoflife42

This is the greatest list ever on Giant Bomb.

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