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Tirion Fordring at the Battle For Light's Hope Chapel 
The Argent Crusade is a faction made up of three groups: the few survivors who chose not to follow High General Brigitte Abbendis, the newly reformed Order of the Silver Hand, and the Argent Dawn. It was created during the Death Knight quest The Light of Dawn shortly after the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel. During the battle, the leader of the Knights of the Silver Hand Tirion Fordring purified and reclaimed the Ashbringer from a skirmish with the Lich King. With the cleansed weapon in his possession he became the leader of the Argent Dawn and brought both factions together to help with the fight against the Lich King in Northrend. 
In order to prevent another catastrophe like the Inigo Montoy event, where Naxxramas returned to Northrend and Kel’Thuzad was resurrected, Tirion chose each member of The Argent Crusade himself.       

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