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Once a fertile piece of Northrend,only second to Sholazar's now nothing more then a dragon graveyard...or was at least until the arival of The Scourge.The Lich King and his forces have taken some of the parts of the Great Graveyard,so that they can create Frost Wyrms to incrase their airial forces.The population is about 800,half of which are Nerubians.The other half consists out of Taurens (160),Scourge (160),Blue Dragonblight (60) and a few Tanakas.The only real settlement in this wreched icy wasteland is Icemist Village,with 160 inhabitans.A special mentioning deserves Naxxramas, Kel'Thuzads seat of power.


Now a vast wasteland where even the snow and ice seem drained, Dragonblight is much diffrent then it used to be.Once a fertile piece of Northrend,it's only purpouse now is a big,cold graveyard. Most of the Dragonblight is a single enormous valley. And it’s filled with bodies of dragons. Ailing and old dragons, from every dragonflight, from all over the world, come here to die. 
Map of Dragonblight
Map of Dragonblight
The ground is littered with dragons of all colors. Black and red and green and blue and bronze, they all lie here together, all their differences set aside in death. The mightiest creatures in the world, laid low by age and illness and attack. The land has never recovered, and never will. It weeps for its lost children, and remains barren in their memory. In effect, there are no particularly noteworthy happenings in the Dragonblight's past, save the deaths of many dragons and the first use of the Plague to wipe out the native Humans. 

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